Saturday, August 8, 2009

BIG TENT - new update

For those that are interested in joining the Big Tent Meeting tomorrow via the internet, here is the latest update to link in. For any further updates or clarifications, please refer to the Ontario Autism Coalition website:

Remote Connections
We'll have a live blog at

I also promised a live chat. I've decided to use -- it's a portal to a wide range of chat services including Facebook, GoogleTalk, msn chat & Yahoo chat. I've set up accounts for those four only. If you chat with my account on any of those, you don't get the whole thing, but if you get an account on Meebo you're going to see all the individual chats combined.
On Meebo: The chat room is called "Big Tent Meeting" in the "Tech" section
On Facebook, I'm Bruce McIntosh
On msn, I'm
On GoogleTalk, I'm
On Yahoo, I'm