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Very important NEWS-Shelley Martel and info on ABA in schools form the Ministry of Ed Website, Ontario

May 18, 2007

Nickel Belt MPP Martel to retire from electoral politics

Sudbury – Nickel Belt MPP Shelley Martel announced today that she won’t be running for re-election. After 20 years in the Ontario Legislature, Martel has decided to retire from electoral politics to pursue new interests and spend more time with her family.

“I’m announcing today that I will not be running for re-election this fall. I’ll continue to work as the MPP for Nickel Belt until just before midnight on October 10th and then I’ll formally retire from provincial politics,” Martel said.

“It’s been an enormous privilege to serve as the MPP, first for the riding of Sudbury East, and then for the riding of Nickel Belt. For 5 consecutive elections, the constituents in these two ridings, were very generous to give me enough votes to allow me to represent them at Queen’s Park I hope that regardless of their political stripes, most constituents will feel that I tried to represent them, tried hard to raise the issues that mattered to working families, and that in our riding office, we all tried hard to fix as many problems as we could,” she said.

Martel made the announcement surrounded by her family at the Steelworkers Hall where she won her first nomination to run for the NDP. That was on May 3, 1987. Since then, Martel has served both as an opposition MPP and a cabinet minister.

“When I look around the community, I’m proud I was part of an NDP government that invested the people’s money in projects I think made a difference like the Sudbury Southeast Bypass, the Lion’s Centre for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the IMAX at Science North, the boardwalk alongside of Lake Ramsey, the Ontario Breast Screening Program, the Family Residency Program at Laurentian University, the midwifery and nurses practitioner programs at Laurentian University, NORCAT and College Boreal,” Martel said.

“In opposition, I’m proud I fought to end government discrimination against Northern cancer patients, that I joined my colleague Peter Kormos to expose the mess at the Family Support Office, that I pushed for safe needles for health care workers and a minimum standard of care for residents in Ontario long-term care homes, and that I was able to fight to end government discrimination against children with autism over age 6 and highlight the desperate need to fund IBI treatment for these wonderful kids,” she said.

“Most of all, I’m proud of the tremendous work done over the years by my staff to try and resolve the day-to-day problems facing our constituents,” she said.

Martel says she has every intention of working as hard as she can from now until the end of election day, the day she will officially step aside as MPP. Her office will remain open and ready for business. She will be out and about in the riding and continue to hold her community clinics.

“Most importantly, I have every intention of working as hard as I can, with our new NDP candidate, to win Nickel Belt again in the next election, and to elect Howard Hampton the next premier of Ontario,” Martel said.

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Howard Hampton statement on retirement of Shelley Martel

Sudbury – NDP Leader Howard Hampton today made the following remarks regarding Nickel Belt MPP Shelley Martel’s announcement that she will not seek
re-election in the upcoming provincial election.

“It is an honour and privilege to be here today in Sudbury to pay tribute to Shelley Martel. As MPP for Sudbury East and Nickel Belt, as a cabinet minister and as a caucus critic, Shelley has shown that she's a champion for her community, a tireless advocate for her constituents and a true friend to ordinary working families.

“Shelley has made a real positive difference - delivering investments for Northern communities, standing up for Medicare in Sudbury and communities across Ontario, and fighting for autistic children whose hopes have been dashed by the sitting government. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of Shelley's good work.

“As Leader of Ontario's NDP, speaking for New Democrats all across Ontario, I want to commend you - Shelley - for 20 years of outstanding public service. We're all so proud of you and all that we've accomplished together.

“It's never an easy day for a Leader when his longest-serving, most respected and most distinguished MPP announces it's time to move on from electoral politics. That's the kind of day today is.

“Shelley - I want you to know - that I'm behind you 100 per cent - and that I look forward to being there with you as you begin this exciting new chapter in your life - every step of the way - shoulder to shoulder - hand in hand. Thank you.”

Media Inquiries
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This Important piece from the Ministry of Education Website regarding ABA in Schools.

PPM addressing ABA is now public. You can read it at the following site

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