Saturday, March 15, 2008

W5 Shows two parents stories MARCH 22 08

AFA Shares this posting, Tammy Starr and Micheal Dewit's children are featured Do not miss out.

Planned broadcast for March 22, 7 pm EST to include my son in a piece
Posted by: "Michael Dewit"
Sat Mar 15, 2008 4:13 am (PDT)
All of you know Nicholas is autistic, which is why I am giving you a heads
up that this program is running a show on the topic ... and no, I will not
get to see it ahead of time, so I do not know what the content will exactly

The show is supposed to be about kids with autism and what they are capable
of if they get the right help, in Nicholas' case on average 40 plus hours of
ABA a week over the years and lots of speech therapy

No doubt it will have a political angle to it (those of you that know me
well are fully aware of my frustration with a system that treats autism as a
condition like a second class or third class citizen), but my hope is really
that the show will give at least equal time to the message that you cannot
give up on these kids / do not underestimate them just because they learn
differently ... with the right help they can learn when they are younger and
they can continue to learn ... in Nicholas' case he learns far more now than
he did when he was younger and we have no doubt he has more surprises in
store for us yet

Nicholas is far from perfect (but who is?), but he continues to do things
that in the past we were told he would not be able to ... which is why the
program gathered footage on Nicholas (and at least 2 others kids whose
parents I leave it to mention as they choose)

http://www.ctv. ca/wfive

Is the network and program

If you know anything about TV shows they at times can change when and what
they will air, so the date and time might still change but we are hoping
not, and no doubt some of you cannot get this live (but the show / CTV
network should make the show available over the internet at this web site
once it has aired) ... but I wanted to let people know this event is
occurring ...

If I have added info / clarity before the 22nd I will send that on

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